Support for In-House Legal Departments

We provide crucial support to in-house legal departments for both domestic and international companies of all sizes. Maintaining a large in-house legal department can be prohibitively expensive. Instead, many companies wisely opt to run lean and rely on outside counsel for tasks that fall outside their areas of expertise. Even well-staffed legal departments sometimes need outside help with uncommon legal issues or with large or complex litigation.

We assist in-house legal departments by providing a wide variety of legal services, including contract drafting, negotiations in either English or Japanese, litigation (including arbitration), legal research, legal opinions, reviewing and revising internal corporate regulations, and compliance with required tasks such as holding shareholders’ meetings and the like. We assist legal departments in the following practice areas:

  • Corporate
  • M&A
  • IP
  • HR/Labor
  • Litigation/Dispute Resolution
  • Tax
  • Finance
  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring
  • Antitrust
  • Government Regulation
  • IT
  • International Transactions
  • Maritime
  • Trade
  • White Collar Crime

In addition to the legal services described above, we also provide in-house legal departments with the following services upon request:

On-Site Presentations and Seminars

Our firm’s attorneys can give onsite presentations or seminars at a company’s office. During these visits, we cover issues related to the client’s legal needs and share up-to-date information and knowledge to improve the legal department’s capabilities. Our presentations and seminars are also focused on making other departments in the company more aware of relevant legal issues that they face on a regular basis. In addition, we regularly conduct in-depth workshops covering legal issues of the client’s choosing.

Onsite secondments; serving as outside directors or auditors

We can temporarily send lawyers to work on-site with a company’s legal department. Some clients need a lawyer to provide them with advice directly at the office, or to simply buttress their legal department staff. We will also consider serving as a company’s outside director or auditor.

Second Opinions

We regularly review other law firms’ legal opinions and objectively analyze their legal conclusions and advice. This is an especially prudent step for major issues that could subject a company to catastrophic liability.

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