We assist businesses in setting up their operations in Japan, complying with all aspects of Japanese law, enhancing their corporate governance systems and, when necessary, managing crises and scandals. Our clientele ranges from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized companies.

Practice Areas

One-stop shop for setting up and managing your business in Japan

We help foreign clients navigate the complexity and linguistic challenges of the Japanese business world. Whether it’s setting up a new company or better managing an existing one, we provide strategic advice to achieve the client’s business goals. Our comprehensive services include incorporating a company, managing its shareholders’ and board meetings, ensuring that the company complies with all filing requirements and, if necessary, assisting with a corporate dissolution/liquidation.


We assist our clients in establishing robust compliance programs and enhancing their ability to comply with an ever more challenging legal and regulatory landscape. Our services include determining basic compliance policies, performing internal reorganizations, preparing compliance rules, implementing training programs, establishing effective whistleblower programs, and handling compliance violations.

Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is no longer just an option; it’s essential to achieving sustainable growth and increasing corporate value over the long term. We ensure that our clients establish a mechanism for transparent, proper decision-making by providing concrete, practical solutions to enhance their corporate governance.

Managing corporate crises and scandals

Sometimes in spite of their best efforts, businesses face unexpected and unwelcome challenges whether internal or from the outside. Recent scandals involving defective products and quality issues have become international news, shattering the reputation of well-regarded companies even to the point of bankruptcy. Effectively managing scandals and minimizing the negative impacts requires practical, timely advice. This is especially true in situations where shareholders or consumers seek damages from both the company itself and its management. We assist clients to come up with an initial response to crises and scandals, manage any investigations, handle any criminal and administrative issues, defend the client against derivative lawsuits, ensure that regulators do not impose excessive penalties, and take other preventive measures.

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