Intellectual Property

We defend and foster intellectual property every day, within Japan and throughout the world.


We deal daily in IP matters in Japan, and can quickly and expertly handle IP matters in more than 100 countries around the world. Our lawyers frequently draft and negotiate complex licenses and agreements involving patents, trademarks, copyrights (including software copyrights) and/or know-how – in Japan, the United States, the EU, and other major jurisdictions. We can register new trademarks and designs for clients in Japan and elsewhere. When disputes arise, we represent clients in intellectual property infringement matters (patent, trademark, copyright, etc.), including in disputes arising out of parallel imports or large agreements containing intellectual property. IP is fundamental to the corporate existence of many of our clients, including medical equipment manufacturers, car parts manufacturers, and clothing designers. Our services have won the highest trust from clients all over the world.

Practice Areas

IP Contracts

We offer various legal services for intellectual property contracts: license agreements for patents and trademarks, copyright assignment agreements, R&D agreements, etc. We also support our clients through all stages of forming their IP agreements with advice on contract negotiations, drafting all required agreements, and on final implementation.


We rely on our experience litigating intellectual property cases to assist our clients in any type of IP dispute.

Applying for New IP Rights

We have handled hundreds of applications in all areas of trademark and design rights, both within Japan and in other countries. With all applications, we provide one-stop legal service, including deadline management, administrative work, negotiations with government agencies, and any necessary appeal processes. When intellectual property applications require specialized technical expertise, we take advantage of a roster of experienced outside counsel that we regularly work with.

Representative Cases

Please see a list that represents some of the cases we have handled.

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