Dispute Resolution


Before we engage our legal apparatus, our teams are committed to thoroughly considering advanced strategy and tactics, to look for risks and solutions dozens of moves down the road.

For example, the results of a dispute can differ greatly depending on the court or arbiter that hears it, and so we consider all the possibilities and advise you in which country and at which forum you may expect the best results. Or, if you are sued, we can consider the same depth of potential factors and advise you whether to file for that key transfer of venue that might make all the difference down the road.

Then, we take the initiative to search for evidence, thoroughly analyze the evidence obtained, and explore the truth behind the evidence. To that end, we may ask for exceptionally detailed explanations from our clients, but please cooperate, because a trusted counsel is your best friend when you need the best possible solution.

We advise on how to avoid getting caught up in conflicts, how to mitigate risks along the way, and how to prepare for the case when an escalation seems likely.

If a dispute has already occurred, we can take on the negotiations to reach a settlement, fight the litigation or arbitration, provide advice on defense, assume representative work, and undertake all related roles. We will also, on occasion, respond to requests for second opinions.

Practice Areas

Dispute Prevention (Preparation for not getting caught up in conflict, risk mitigation, and creative solutions when moving toward a dispute)

Of course, it’s best when neither enterprises nor individuals are caught in legal disputes. Nothing feels better than moving toward your goals free of friction. However, in modern societies that have expanded globally and braided together, no matter how much attention you pay, you may be involved in legal disputes.

But even if you fall into these situations, you can minimize the impact by having regular counsel preparing you for eventual disputes from day to day.

Our office provides discreet advice on your situation and your needs for prevention of, and preparation for, conflict.

Dispute Settlement (Litigation, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures, pre-litigation negotiations)

We support our clients in disputes ranging from international conflicts to local negotiations, through litigation, arbitration, mediation, and all related forums.

Because every client has interests greater than the case in front of them, we not only aim to win, we aim for a landing point beyond the conflict, considering the relationship between the parties and the situation of the dispute in our clients’ affairs.

Since we belong to networks of dozens of international law firms and tax accounting firms around the world, we can respond expertly and with speed in collaboration with local lawyers in any corner of the globe, as necessary.

Representative Cases

We represent a wide variety of cases for our client.

Pease see a list that represents some of the cases we have handled.


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