International Commercial Transactions


International commercial transactions involving Japan go far beyond legal considerations; cultural and linguistic issues also play a big role. With this in mind, we advise our clients at each stage of the process, including the initial step of reviewing the overall transaction, conducting negotiations, drafting and revising agreements, and handling any legal issues that may arise.

We have extensive experience with various types of transactional contracts, including consignment agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, joint venture agreements, loan agreements, and collateral agreements.

Any commercial transaction needs careful planning and skillful execution. This is even more true with international commercial transactions involving Japan. Overcoming legal, cultural and linguistic challenges requires experienced counsel to guide you each step of the way.

Practice Areas

Assessing the transaction

We conduct an initial review at the earliest possible stage to identify potential issues and find ways to improve the transaction. We help ensure a trouble-free process by evaluating the legality of the deal, identifying agreements the parties will need to sign, and providing any other advice and guidance to mitigate risks.

Drafting and revising agreements

Well-drafted documents are the backbone of any transaction. That’s why we carefully prepare all required transaction-related documents, as well as review and (if necessary) revise documents from the other party. When required, we prepare accurate and readable translations that enable non-Japanese clients to fully understand and participate in deals involving Japanese-language documents.

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